Your Visit

We allow up to 45 minutes for a session at Baby Spa New Zealand, which includes:

A backdrop of calming melodies envelops the atmosphere, ensuring a tranquil and serene setting. To ensure your baby’s comfort, we purposefully restrict the number of attendees in the room, guaranteeing a non-overstimulating environment.

Moreover, parents are afforded the chance to attend to their baby’s needs during the session, including feeding and changing, should the need arise. As part of our commitment to enhancing your experience, we offer comprehensive instruction in massage techniques, fostering a bond between parent and baby. Our attentive team is dedicated to addressing your inquiries and providing thoughtful answers, nurturing an environment of learning and support.

baby visiting the spa

Preparing for your visit

Our Staff

Our staff are comprised of midwives, neonatal nurses and massage therapist, many of which are parents themselves.

We believe that experienced, nurturing hands are a core requirement for offering exceptional service.

We encourage parents to ask questions as we want them to be comfortable, relaxed and informed.

We are highly trained to read your baby’s cues, ensuring that they are not over stimulated and give bubs the comfort and support they need to enjoy their session.


Experience the benefits today.

Book in for a Hydrotherapy and Massage session to experience the benefits of our ground breaking technique that promotes healthy development of babies.

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