At Baby Spa New Zealand, hydrotherapy is expertly performed using our DROPLETTM flotation device, engineered to provide optimal comfort and support for your baby in the water. This innovative approach empowers infants to move independently in the water.

During the initial session, which typically lasts between 10 to 15 minutes, your baby begins their aquatic journey. As regular attendance progresses, this duration can extend to a rewarding 30 minutes.

Depending on your baby’s age, we offer two distinct settings: the Neo Pod and the Neo Pool. Our Neo Pod, tailored for infants aged two days to eight weeks (post first immunizations), offers a nurturing cocoon of water at precisely 36°C. Upon reaching the eight-week milestone, our Neo Pool, set at the gentle temperature of 34.5°C, becomes the ideal space for your baby’s fluid and comfortable aquatic exploration.

The purified water envelops your baby, imparting a calming pressure that fosters relaxation and encourages gentle, developmental movements. At Baby Spa New Zealand, we invite your little one to embark on this transformative hydrotherapy journey, where their well-being and growth take center stage.


Following the hydrotherapy session, a gentle massage using our premium organic cold pressed grapeseed oil. Our therapists are skilfully trained in infant massage, ensuring each touch is a harmonious blend of care and expertise.

As your baby’s sensory awareness evolves, our therapists adjust the massage to accommodate their developing thresholds, providing a tailored and enriching experience that aligns with your baby’s growth journey. At Baby Spa New Zealand, every phase of your baby’s progress is met with mindfulness and skill, nurturing their senses and fostering their overall well-being.

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